"River's Passion" Captures Gorge

By Alison Bell
Niagara This Week
Feb 20, 2009

Joe Calleja sees nature from a different perspective.

The Toronto-based photographer and graphic designer spends his spare time taking in the outdoors, hiking along trails and off the beaten path.

On a trip to Niagara in November to visit with friends, Calleja toured the Niagara Glen to the gorge. The temperature was above normal and it was a bright, cloudy day. Fascinated by the colour of the water and its surroundings, Calleja began to shoot.

"I love the whole Niagara Glen area. The unique thing about these photographs is the colour. Anyone who has hiked in that area and who has seen the whirlpool knows the water is that greeny colour."

The images he captured from that day are on display at The Niagara Gallery in a display titled "The River's Passion."

Calleja was born and raised in the west end of Toronto but often spends his time in Niagara Falls visiting friends. He frequents the downtown area along Queen Street and is impressed with the talent he has seen.

"I've talked to a few of the gallery owners down there and I'm really excited by the prospect of the area," he said.

He has been an avid photographer for about the past seven years, shooting abstract nature photos.

"A lot of my collection tends to be abstract. Abstract in nature gives us a different perspective of what we are seeing," he said.

The images he chooses to print and display are untouched and are not digitally enhanced.

"None of the photos are Photoshopped. I use camera techniques like a slow shutter speed."

The show runs until March 1 at the Niagara Gallery, which is located at 4323 Queen St.